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Sports opportunities

At the Académie Française de Football ME, our major objective is to train and put players in the best conditions so that they can develop their potential as an athlete but also as a citizen.

With the company C&M Sports Management we make every effort to support and guide young people professionally at the end of their course with AFF.


Due to our relationship with the Lebanese Football Federation and some of the best professional teams in Lebanon, we can offer national opportunities.


Thanks to our relationships with many international clubs, coaches and player agencies, we have the opportunity to send players for trial in professional and semi-professional clubs.

The player MUST be part of the French football academy to participate in these trials and will be supervised by an AFF Head coach before taking the trial.

US and Canadian universities

We are also in agreement with USA Connect specializing in the placement of players in American colleges, USA Connect is a branch of Elite Athletes, an agency for players in MLS and in Europe.

Founded in 2010, the agency has helped 720 football players obtain sports scholarships in American colleges.

The agency represents more than 50 players in MLS and 30 players in USL since its inception. The agency has also been active in Europe, where it has been able to represent very good players like Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Florentin Pogba.

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