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Football school



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Football school

It is the heart of our sports structure, the football school is all teams from the age of 7 to 12 years old.

The objective is to bring a generation, a group on a first cycle of training which includes 2 levels of football on small side pitch:

- The fundamentals of football: “Having fun with the ball”.

- Learning to train: "The golden age of learning".

The pre-formation and the formation

The academy is also the U14 and U16 pre-training teams and a U18 training team.

Players not selected for the course of excellence and with potential for progression, can join the academy's pre-training and training teams to perfect their development with an adapted LTAD * program:

- Train to train: "Identify the high level player".

- Train for competition: "Develop the elite player".

* LTAD: Long Term Athlete Development


The course of excellence

The course of excellence is a LTAD program in partnership with a school structure for players evolving from U14 to U18.

The mission is to develop / identify athletes who have demonstrated a potential and a real desire to progress in order to offer them a daily training program to achieve their sporting and educational goals.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The objectives of the program:

- Effectively reconcile Sport and Education

- Optimize the development of the student-athlete (academic and sports success and the child's personal development)

- Establishment of an individualized course (national teams, trials in semi-pro clubs, scholarships for university teams, ... etc.)

- Create a space for consultation and coordination between the teaching team, the family, the young person and the sports team

- Transmit the values ​​of sport and work methods

- Develop strong "character traits"

The selected players receive a dual education, academic and sports, from September to June.

The sports program is very interesting to prepare athletes who have the potential to reach a national and international level.

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Football school





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